Each report has been designed to be understandable! And useable!

Our reports are designed not only for medical specialist and other Psychologist but also for parents and teachers. We asked Teachers and parents to help us design a report which is useful, understandable,  which will enable and guide intervention within the teaching or work environment


Our Reports are recognised by………

  • Doctors
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Centrelink
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme



Our Comprehensive Assessment Reports identify

  • How the individual’s performance compares to the general population of same aged peers
  • Learning strengths and weakness to guide intervention
  • What is contributing to, or the result of a learning disorder or disability (each individual is unique)
  • Whether an individual presents as Gifted OR, with a Learning disorder or Disability. A diagnosis will be included in the report if the individual presents with a Learning disorder or Disability ……….We also provide teaching strategies and recommendations


The correct diagnosis is important

We assess for most learning disorders and disabilities within the Advanced Clinical Package, Package 1, and Package 2.

  • To ensure you or your child receive the most appropriate support, identifying the correct diagnosis, and why you or your child is struggling is essential
  • Sometimes a learning disorder which could include dyslexia, can co-exist with ADHD. ADHD can continue to impact on learning performance outcomes despite targeted intervention.
  • An Individual can be mistakenly diagnosed with dyslexia. There are other disabilities which can present with similar traits including: a Speech and Language Impairment, a Specific Learning Disorder associated with Written Expression or Dyscalculia, Autism, Dyspraxia (motor disorder), or an Intellectual Disability
  • Substantiating the correct diagnosis is important as there are different funding and support options available at school, in the community and at the workplace



For the workplace

We can provide information regarding

A potential learning disorder or disability, personality, critical thinking, preferred working environments, how thoughts or behaviour may be a positive or negative within the work environment, work aptitude and potential career pathways



Each Report is verified and signed off by a Registered Psychologist